Rabbinic Mission to Israel

Voices From Israel
Thursday, August 20, 7:00 PM
Pollin Chapel
Please join us for public presentation and conversation with Rabbi Michael Cahana on his recent trip. Many of us followed Rabbi Cahana's journey to Israel through Facebook and videos. Join us as he shares in greater depth pictures, impressions, and remarkable stories of what he heard and saw, expected and unexpected. Israeli treats will be served!

cahana-israel-2015Rabbi Cahana was in Israel last week participating in a Rabbinic mission sponsored by AIPAC's Educational Foundation. This was a high level education and experiential trip for progressive rabbis. They met with some of the top scholars, educators, journalists and politicians in Israel and in the Palestinian territories.

Watch Rabbi Cahana's first video message from Israel.

Watch Rabbi Cahana's special Shabbat message from Jerusalem.

Watch below to his final video postcard from Israel:

Rabbi Cahana on the Shooting at the AME Church in Charleston, SC

Consider my enemies; for they are many;
and they hate me with a cruel hatred.

O keep my soul, and save me; let me not be ashamed;
for I put my trust in you.

Let integrity and uprightness preserve me;
for I wait on you.
(Psalm 25: 19-21)

We are shocked and sadden by the news of the terrible shooting in Charleston, SC. Members of the church at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, along with their pastor, were gunned down during a prayer meeting and bible study.

We stand with a community made to feel vulnerable by this hate crime. We stand with those who know they can be victimized for their race. We stand with them and remind us all that we stand together against bigotry, hatred and violence. We stand with love and compassion, integrity and uprightness. May we stand together in solidarity and peace.

Rabbi Cahana on The Supreme Court's Ruling on Same Sex Marriage

“. . .and proclaim liberty throughout the land. . .” (Lev. 25:10)

June 26, 2015 will be a day long remembered as one of the most powerful examples of freedom in the 21st Century. How far we have come from having homosexuality treated as a mental disorder to the Supreme Court of the United States recognizing Same-Sex marriages throughout the nation. “No longer may this liberty be denied” Justice Kennedy wrote. The Freedom to Marry is now a Constitutional right. No longer do we have a legally divided nation on this issue. No longer can a couple wonder if their legal marriage will be one day taken away from them, or have their status rejected by a different state. No longer are we a patchwork of states with the power to disempower. Love wins.

I have long said that this issue will only be settled by the Supreme Court, and I am grateful that we have a system which entrenches a clear movement, especially a movement of freedom, as the law of the land.

And I am grateful for all our partners – lay leaders, clergy, politicians – who have worked tirelessly on this issue. I am proud of our congregation which has taken a leadership role for decades. Thank you all.

But while we justifiability celebrate, let us also remember those who have suffered through this fight. Those who have been and still continue to be told that their love is lesser. Those who have been rejected by their families. Those who have had innumerable barriers put up before them: to finding love, to marriage, to adoption, to care of their loved ones. The Supreme Court is not able to heal the hurt of generations. Only we can do that.

Let us all stand together in one beautiful rainbow of diversity. Let us heal old wounds and let us continue to bend the arc of the moral universe. . . towards justice.

- Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana