JND 2015 Board

Come be a part of this community-building exercise. We, the Jews Next Dor Board of 2014, want you to join us to make 2015 even more memorable. This year was Pink Roses, Secret Society's, and chocolate frogs. Cedar groves, steep hikes, and water logs. Will you join us to imagine 2015? There are opportunities for you to plan a happy hour, lead us in a d'varscussion, share your musical talent, host an event, or just proofread a newsletter. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Co-Chair: Michelle Talal

Hi All ~ I'm Michelle Talal and am your interim JND Co-Chair with Eric Feeley for the rest of the year 2013. I've been on the JND Committee for two years and have enjoyed exploring my Jewish identity, schmoozing, planning social events, and making wonderful friends since I moved back to the Portland area. So, whether you're new to Portland or have been here for awhile, we want to meet you and find out what's important to you as a member of the Jewish Community. See you all soon!

Co-Chair: Eric Feeley

Before I began serving as Co-chair, I served as the Treasurer of JND.  Over that period we have doubled our budget and increased the number and variety of events. Congregation Beth Israel has acknowledged the importance of the young adult community to the future of the congregation and the installation of Rabbi Rachel Joseph is a direct reflection of this.  I am very excited to work more closely with Rabbi Joseph and the entire JND Board in the coming year.   We will continue to work on bringing unaffiliated Jewish young adults together to celebrate community, identity, and spirituality.

Treasurer: Stuart

It has been wonderful to be involved with Jews Next Dor since I moved to Portland. Congregation Beth Israel’s support and the many volunteers have enabled our group to thrive. I look forward to the spiritual and social events we have planned for 2014.

Membership Chair: Ari Stone

The reason I want to be on the JND board is to help make the Jewish young adult community even stronger. I find that JND is a key necessity to keeping the Jewish faith strong with people in their mid 20s. It can influence them on marrying Jewish or keeping Kosher. I enjoy doing JND and I love the people. I feel JND took me in with a positive vibe and the least I can do is pay it forward by helping out. I attend most Shabbat events and other events that do not clash with my work schedule.

Communications Chair: Rebecca Cloud

Rebecca Cloud is JND's Communications Coordinator. Originally from New Orleans, Rebecca decided to settle in Portland after graduating from Lewis & Clark. She has been involved with JND since early 2012 . For any comments, questions, or suggestions about JND Communications, please email Rebecca.

Marketing/Design Coordinator: Gracey Levine

graceylevineGracey Levine is JND's Marketing/Design coordinator. After moving to Portland from California in 2013 Gracey found community and friendship at JND and is happy to share her knowledge of design and marketing to help others find the same.

Ritual Coordinator: Sarah Philips

Sarah-JNDI am JND's Ritual Coordinator. I hail from Kansas, but I've called the northwest home since 2011. I minored in Jewish Studies, and I have extensive song-leading and service-leading experience. I connect with Judaism through our culture, music, food, and community, and I love helping others find their connections through JND! I split my time between Portland in the winter months and the slopes of Mount St. Helens in the summer, where I work as a park ranger, but I'm happy to be a resource for all things Jewish year-round.

Member at Large: Ariella Ross



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