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Mazel Tov to our February B'nei Mitzvah Celebrants!

David SmithDavid Smith

David Liam Smith, son of Lauren and Michael Smith, will become a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, February 11, 2017. David has two older siblings, his sister Emily and his brother Ryan, and his grandparents are Dr. Burton and Judy (z’l) Stillman of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and David and Kathleen Smith of York, Pennsylvania. David is a 7th grader at Evergreen Middle School. He enjoys playing competitive baseball and basketball, and he is also a member of his school robotics team. David has always loved animals, so for his Mitzvah Project he will be coordinating an animal food and supply drive for the Bonnie L. Hays Small Animal Shelter. David picked Bonnie L. Hays because unlike most animal shelters that take in stray animals- every healthy unclaimed animal finds a loving adoptive home.

Renata HemstreetRenata Hemstreet

Renata Hemstreet will become a Bat Mitzvah on Saturday, February 18, 2017. Renata is the daughter of Joanna Ogintz and Tim Hemstreet. She is an older sister to Naomi. Renata is a 7th grader at Beaumont Middle School. Renata likes soccer, swimming, piano and art. For her Mitzvah Project, Renata has been regularly volunteering doing food repack for the Oregon Food Bank. She often brings along friends and family to help as well.


Mazel Tov to our January Bar Mitzvah Celebrant!

Ira SmithIra MacNaughton Smith

Ira MacNaughton Smith will become Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, January 14, 2017. Ira is the son of Libby Schwartz and David Smith. He has a older sibling, River. Ira’s grandparents are CBI congregants Dana and Jerry Schwartz, Jean Kerr Schwartz (z’l), and Beverly and David Smith of Fredericksburg, Texas. A 7th Grader at Lake Oswego Junior High, Ira likes playing tennis, soccer, and baseball. In his spare time he is active in Boy Scouts and also enjoys playing the game Magic. For his Mitzvah Project, Ira is supporting Portland Tennis & Education (PT&E), an organization that serves mostly poorer and underprivileged children to become better scholars, with programming from kindergarten through high school. “I play and love tennis,” Ira says. “For my Mitzvah Project, I am supporting Portland Tennis & Education, a St. Johns-based educational program that incorporates tennis into the school day. As a result, PT&E has a killer tennis team, which my MAC team has played a handful of times. PT&E serves mostly poorer and underprivileged children, and the program really is one of a kind. Please help me support them by making a monetary donation.”


Mazel Tov to our December B'nei Mitzvah Celebrants!

Ben GloverBenjamin Aiden Glover

Benjamin Aiden Glover will become a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, December 31st. Benjamin is the son of Brian and Tamara Glover, younger brother of Isaac and Declan and older brother of Emmalena. Benjamin is a 7th grade student at Lakeridge Jr. High School in Lake Oswego. He enjoys sports, especially football where he excells at defensive end, left tackle and tight end, scoring three touchdowns this last season! For his Mitzvah Project, Benjamin has decided to raise money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Benjamin was inspired by a young man whose wish was to be Batman for a day and it has inspired him to try and help those children not as fortunate as himself.

Ike SalinskyIke Cavan Salinsky

Ike Cavan Salinsky will become Bar Mitzvah on December 31st. He is the son of Michael and Linda Salinsky, and younger brother of Ethan. Ike is a 7th grader at West Sylvan Middle School, avid reader, and plays baseball and soccer on Lincoln junior teams. For his Mitzvah Project, Ike will raise money for, and volunteer at, the Oregon Humane Society.


Mazel Tov to our November B'nei Mitzvah Celebrants!

DevinDevin Von Arx

Devin Von Arx will become Bat Mitzvah on November 5. A student at Lake Oswego Junior High, she is working with the Philip Foster Farm Historic Site for her Mitzvah Project. The Philip Foster Farm Historic Site preserves, promotes, and interprets Oregon history, focusing on the Oregon Trail and pioneer life. They serve a wide audience of school field trips, general public, and retirement center field trips. Devin is working to improve event and field trip experiences for visitors to the site to help people better enjoy and appreciate history.

Noah SchoenbaumNoah Schoenbaum

Noah Schoenbaum will become Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, November 12. Noah is the son of Dan and Tricia Schoenbaum and brother of Emma, age 11. Noah is a new member at Congregation Beth Israel and a 7th Grader at Lake Oswego Junior High School. Noah and his family very recently moved (back) to Lake Oswego after spending five years in Woodside, California. Noah is an avid soccer player and also enjoys a variety of other sports including snowboarding, basketball and football. He also enjoys reading, traveling, boating and X-box. Noah is looking forward to spending the remainder of his 7th grade year planning and executing a Mitzvah Project to support the availability of sports to underprivileged children.

Emma SnellEmma Rae Snell

Emma Rae Snell will become Bat Mitzvah on Saturday, November 19. Emma is the daughter of Michelle and Joe Snell and younger sister of Shaena . Her grandparents are Nick and Sanny Snell of Portland, Oregon, Gail Taback of Kirkland, Washington and Harvey Taback (z’l). She is proud to be a third generation member of Congregation Beth Israel. Emma is a 7th Grader at Cedar Park Middle School. For her Mitzvah Project, Emma and her friends volunteered with Project Lemonade. Project Lemonade supports and promotes confidence in foster youth. Each August youth ages five through twenty shop for free back to school clothes in their pop-up shop. Each foster youth chooses his or her own new or nearly new outfits, accessories and shoes.

Ani Rose PosnerAni Rose Posner

Ani Posner will become Bat Mitzvah on November 26. Ani is the daughter of Jason Posner and Lisa Rockower, and big sister to Kira. Ani is a student at Robert Gray Middle School. She has spent time since the beginning of the 5th grade volunteering weekly at Bridlemile Elementary School with the great kids in Room 7, the special education classroom. This is an ongoing Mitzvah Project for Ani, who loves spending time with these wonderful students and teachers.


Mazel Tov to our October B'nei Mitzvah Celebrants!

Eliana Sarah SchwartzEliana Sarah Schwartz

Eliana Sarah Schwartz will become a Bat Mitzvah on Saturday, October 15, 2016. Eliana is the daughter of Shoshanna Lansberg and Jeffrey Schwartz and the older sister of Gabriela and Aaron Schwartz. She loves theater and filmmaking and is an 8th Grader at the Arts & Communication Magnet Academy. For her Mitzvah Project, Eliana will collect donations for the Sunshine Pantry, an organization that provides food, amenities, housewares, and clothing to people in need from all over Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Sophie Dale WandSophie Dale Wand

Sophie Dale Wand will become a Bat Mitzvah on October 22. She is the daughter of Jordan and Gina, and the proud older sister of Lily. Sophie is a student- as an 8th grader at Catlin Gabel School, on the soccer field, and at Congregation Beth Israel, where she has been a community member since she was three years old. For her Mitzvah Project, Sophie chose to combine her thirst for knowledge with her love of children by volunteering and working on projects at KairosPDX, a non-profit charter school within the Portland Public School system committed to eliminating racial, achievement, and opportunity gaps.

jacob feldmanJacob Feldman

Jacob Colton Feldman will become a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, October 29, 2016. Jacob is the son of Louis and Risa Feldman, brother of Noah Feldman, and grandson of Janet and Jack Feldman (of Downers Grove, IL) and Marcia and Jerry (z’l) Colton (of Gresham, OR). He is a seventh grader at Cedar Park Middle School. For his Mitzvah Project, Jacob has decided to continue his longstanding tradition of gathering “new” stuffed animals for the children who are spending time at the Ronald McDonald Houses of Portland and Southwest Washington. Many years ago, Jacob chose to forgo birthday gifts and collect donations; this will be his seventh year of working with The Ronald McDonald House. During the year, he seeks out and purchase stuffed animals for the children who often face difficult medical challenges. The opportunity to pick a new ‘friend’ to help them through these difficult times can be priceless.

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